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Do You dream of Being Part of a YouTube Multi-channel Network (Part One)?

To succeed in the world of online videos, many companies and industrious individuals seek the help of multichannel networks on YouTube. These networks are organizations that work with many YouTube channels helping in areas ranging from programming to audience development. This, of course, comes at a price. In exchange for a multichannel’s assistance, a company has to give up a percentage of its AdSense revenue, which is money made from its channel(s).

Omni Media Trends in Video Production from Niagara to Toronto

In many ways, these YouTube multi-channels serve the same function as conglomerates. In the corporate world, a conglomerate brings together different businesses and puts them all under one umbrella or, a parent company. YouTube multichannels are digital video conglomerates and, like everything else in the world, they have both benefits and drawbacks.

Oftentimes, a You-Tube multichannel offers access to production, editing facilities and, most important perhaps, higher cost per mille, which measures ad time according to increments of one thousand viewers. An increase or decrease of just a few hundred viewers can make or break a smaller company, so multichannels provide a bit of a safety net.

The drawbacks, however, may outweigh the benefits. This is mainly due to thuggish and mob-like tactics that some multichannels allegedly use to coerce businesses into singing contracts or agreeing to outlandish revenue sharing terms. Maker Studios, one of the earliest and biggest multichannel networks, has been accused of such behavior.

While the drawbacks of multichannels are rooted in hearsay, it’s something a young company should always keep in mind. These types of videos and channels were once spoken of in terms of the future. They’re no longer just the future; they’re also the present. Video production is crucial when it comes to a company making waves. It is a branding super tool.

YouTube Video Production | Omni Media ProductionsIf you have a company or business of any kind and looking for slick, efficient and affordable video production, Omni Media is here to help. Contact us today to get started on your videos. Before even thinking of joining up with a YouTube multichannel, you first need to have actual videos, so let’s get to work!

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