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Using Videos to Connect with Your Customers

When it comes to video production, some people are ahead of the curve. What they do is seen as revelatory and against the grain, and will become common practice within a few years. It’s always best to stay ahead of the curve and while that may seem difficult, you simply need to look at musicians and creators who utilize video production in their works – that is the shining light that you should follow. One such band is U2, who have always used videos during their concerts to create more of a bonding and semi quasi-religious experience between them and audience members. Their recent tour is no different.

Earlier in Boston, U2 performed for four nights and had something special up their sleeve: a dazzling high tech video production that helped the audience to get into the head and heart of the band; from all accounts, it was a truly mystical and organic experience.

The Metro West Daily News reported, “The catwalk on stage had a huge rectangular box hung about ten feet above it, stretching the length of the floor. Bono explained their latest album is focused on a look back at their Dublin roots and the box is a means to convey that as during the show the box becomes a huge video screen, with photos, designs, and animation projected on it. Better yet, Bono, and at times the rest of the band, would walk up a stairway into the box and perform inside it.”

Needless to say, by using video production technology, U2 has always been able to connect with their fans in a way that other bands can simply not do. On this recent tour, video production allows them to show their mini-history and through this, audience members were able to reflect on their own history. It’s a beautiful way to connect with your audience and all companies, no matter the industry, should think of video production as a way to tell YOUR story, but also use video production a way to bring in your customers. Let your customers inside your story, let them feel a part of something.

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