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Viral Videos That Miss the Mark

Alright viral videos, you’ve gone a little too far. While we encourage businesses to follow the example of popular viral video trends, some just aren’t worth the effort. The latest trend may unsettle you. Thousands of teens are using makeup to doll themselves up with “ugly” features, then wipe them off to reveal more “beautiful” faces. Welcome to the #Don’tJudgeChallenge, a trend with arguably good intentions that’s missing the mark.

According to, “The trend: Users on Vine and Instagram are posting videos of themselves with “ugly” facial features, including painting on thick, dark eyebrows (bonus points if it’s a unibrow), blackening out a tooth for a less-than-stellar smile and covering their faces with red dots that we can only assume reference zits. Oh, and don’t forget to draw your chin inward and make silly faces.”

Here’s the thing that is rubbing people the wrong way: they’re mocking people who might actually have those issues. When selling a product or service, it’s best not to mock half your intended audience, if not more. This of course has resulted in counter viral videos, which has created a strange war of viral-ness.

One of the more popular Tweets on the trend ends with the remark, “How are you gonna expect people to be confident if you keep joking around and making their insecurities feel like they are ugly?” Game. Set. Match.

Don’t follow the example #Don’tJudgeChallenge is setting. While their goal at first was seemingly noble, it has resulted in a severe backlash. Businesses of course should avoid any and all type of backlash or, as this YouTube commentator pointed out, “#DontJudgeMeChallenge is just attractive people basically making fun of having acne and unibrows. Last time I checked the “Dont judge me” was being yourself not putting on makeup to pretend to have acne or unibrows or yellow/missing teeth. What has this world come to? Is it really all about beauty?”

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