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Wireless Wonders

From our friends at Consumers Reports, these words of wisdom on Bluetooth speakers.

With so much music residing on phones and tablets these days, you will want wireless speakers that make it easy to play tunes around the house. Bluetooth speakers let you stream from a phone or tablet in the same room. WiFi speakers have a longer range, so they do not have to be in the same room as the audio source.

Consumers Reports compared three new speakers: the Bose Sound Touch 20, Samsung Shape M7 and Sonos Play:1. All three can stream music directly from on line services and from a phone or tablet.

Bottom Line. The Sonos Play:1 was tops, with the best sound and the most streaming services at the time we tested. The Samsung has good sound quality and the most flexibility connecting to the devices. The Bose has good sound quality and Apple AirPlay.


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