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Best Commercial of 2015

Omni Media Online Video Production Toronto to Niagara

Christmas has come and gone and with it, the hundreds of seasonal-flavored commercials that were in rotation on televisions across the country. Now that 2015 is ending, we at Omni Media Productions feel it is important to comment on some of the most creative, inventive commercials of the year, helpfully compiled together in this Mashable article. If anything, this year we have witnessed a seismic shift in how advertisers produce videos and the intention behind them. In other words, commercials in 2015 pulled no punches and went out of their way to hit our emotional jugular.

Nowadays advertisers really have no choice or, as Mashable’s Patrick Kulp puts it, “It’s never been easier to ignore advertising. Between the growing number of television cord-cutters, the rise of ad blockers and the ongoing struggle to effectively connect with people on their mobile devices, there’s no longer a guarantee that anyone will look at the things advertisers made. […] the resulting twinge of panic has emboldened some ad agencies to push to imaginative new heights in an attempt [sic] stand apart from the fray. As such, advertisers went to maniacal lengths to grab your attention this year.”

Kulp makes some great points here. Any great commercial, if done correctly that is, will grab your attention and pluck you out of your doldrums. If you are running a business or seeking to bring attention to an issue, if you are not hitting that emotional jugular then you are failing at conveying your message. This year there was some innovative ways that advertisers relayed messages to the public; one such commercial is the “Love Has No Labels” commercial produced by the Ad Council. This particular one tore down walls of discrimination and confusion conveying a poignant message that all of us love and should be loved despite any labels that are tossed at us. View it below.

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