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Viral Videos about Cartoon Chickens?

YouTube. It can make or break any person or company. Either your video goes viral or it does not. Either you get a million or more views, or you languish in the single digits. These stats matter, despite how inconsequential they may seem at first, but they matter to the consumer. If you’re a business that has a successful video, chances are you’re doing something right. You either have a product that really works or your customer service is so great that people keep coming back for more. If we’ve said it once, we’ll say it again: businesses should have a viral first mentality; it’ll make your brand name all the better. Just look at the hottest chicken around…

It might sound foolish, but we encourage all businesses to follow the example of a chicken. Yes, a chicken. Galinha Pintadinha, a cartoon chicken, is taking over Brazil. According to Bloomberg News, “The cartoon juggernaut is to Brazilian toddlers what Justin Bieber is to tween girls.” When you compare anything to Justin Bieber in terms of popularity, you know it’s off the charts. The cartoon chicken’s YouTube channel has been viewed close to 2 billion times! It’s absolutely mind blowing. Now imagine that in terms of a product or service you provide; if you’re getting that many hits, chances are you’re doing something right. How does a chicken rise to such stardom? Well…

By word of mouth. It was that simple. Well, maybe not that simple, but co-creators Juliano Prado and Marcos Luporini are savvy businessmen. Word of mouth led to the cartoon generating more than $600 million last year. What their success demonstrates is the importance of finding your market. In their case, they were benefitted by the rising power of the Latino market. Regardless of the demographic, Galinha’s success is all about the power of a viral video; it spreads like wildfire by word of mouth and before long, everyone is talking about it. That should be the goal of EVERY business, don’t you think? At Omni Media Products Limited, we will make that a reality for you and your business. Contact us today to learn more – and remember, why did the chicken cross the road? To make a viral video. Think about it.

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