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What Makes Commercials Memorable

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If you’re like most people, you probably watch television at least a few hours each week, if not more. Even if you aren’t watching a show on TV, you likely encounter commercials on web content, on demand programs, and various other places. If you think about it, you’ve probably actually seen thousands of different commercials throughout your life, but how many of them can you clearly remember? Few commercials are so memorable that people can recall them days, or even years, after originally seeing them. We’re here to talk about some of the qualities that are most associated with memorable commercials.

While not appropriate for every type of commercial, most people tend to remember humorous ones more than others. If a commercial has a great joke or a funny character, it can go a long way towards standing out.

Of course, being funny isn’t always enough to make people really absorb and remember the information contained in your commercial. Many popular advertisements also have memorable jingles or taglines. Sometimes these can straddle the line between annoying and funny, but the right song or phrase could lead to people quoting your commercial for years.

Finally, the commercial should focus on connecting with the viewer on some personal level. No matter what the product or service is that the commercial is advertising, making sure at least some aspect of it resonates with your audience is important.

Follow these suggestions and you should be well on your way towards creating a memorable commercial. If you need help shooting your next commercial, make sure you contact the team at Omni Media Productions!

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