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Livestreaming, Virtual Reality, and Building Personal Relationships with Customers

We know we must sound like a broken record when it comes to talking about trends. Every blog post it seems that we’re talking about something new that is guaranteed to change the face of video production – and sure that’s true, but we have our reasons: trends shape the way people do things. Some are better than others are and that holds true for the video production industry.

For example, how long will this VHS trend last (as we discussed in our last blog post)? Will the novelty wear off quickly? Or will the trend stick around as long as actual videotapes did? No one knows the answers to these questions, but they’re fun to speculate on, just like it’s fun to speculate on how virtual reality will change the way we do video production, as discussed in this Digital Trends article.

Virtual reality doesn’t necessarily mean virtual-ness; it can also refer to live streaming. Utilizing live streaming and virtual reality, companies are determined to make their customers

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