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A Good Video Needs a Good Story

No film, commercial or anything similar is complete without a script. It’s what holds the whole narrative together and gives it its purpose. If you are planning on filming something, you could write the script and story yourself or you could turn to a professional with experience in crafting a compelling and captivating story – professionals like the team at Omni Media.

ScriptwritingWe offer professional scriptwriting and screenwriting services to help make your film or commercial the best it can be. Our team’s process starts by doing research on the topic of what you are filming. If necessary, we will also do our research on your production materials as well.

From there, we will draft copies for you while keeping the media you’re working with in mind. Whether you’re writing and recording for television, film or radio, we will create the best copy possible for you and your topic. Once we’ve finished, our team will submit our drafts to you to look over. We always work to prepare multiple copies for your consideration because there is always more than one way to convey a message.

Once you’ve had a chance to review the options, you will be able to pick which one you want to go with. We can also work with you on edits and revisions if there’s one that you like but would like to change slightly. It doesn’t matter if you want a small tweak, a complete revision or for us to remove something completely, our team will work with you to craft the best possible script and story. After all, it’s your production, so anything but the best would be unacceptable.

In addition to scriptwriting, Omni Media offers video production services across Canada and internationally. For more information on our available services, call us today at 800-561-OMNI!

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