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To ensure that you are receiving the best final product, Omni Media utilizes high-end and well maintained TV Production equipment and broadcast cameras for our Ontario services. Our Ontario broadcast cameras provide incredible pictures and the videographer behind them has the expertise needed to execute flawless services.

The same confidence is placed on our small cameras, and we will design a package around your individual needs. We have knowledge in Hitachi, Sony, Shure, Matthews, and Panasonic gear and equipment. Many low end cameras fail due to low light situations, noise levels, and small images. This makes it important to utilize the best equipment for your TV Production and webcasting needs.

If you want the best outcome, you need to utilize the best crew and equipment. After three and a half decades of mounting success we have been established as a trusted “go-to” source for video production services through Canada.

For more information contact Omni Media today, at 1-800-561- OMNI or

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