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Follow LinkedIn’s Example When It Comes to Making Videos, Part One

While many say spring is the time for rejuvenation, for a freshening up of identity and brand, we at Omni Media Productions Limited believe that the summer is truly the perfect time to pull down the cobwebs that is separating your business from new customers and a renewed sense of purpose.

Summer should be no different from any other season though, you should want new customers and leads, you want the ability to grow and spread your influence into different sectors of your industry, and the easiest way to make that a reality is through video production. Look, for example, at what LinkedIn is doing with their latest videos regarding their Sales Navigator lead generation tool.

In this article, As Bryan Bolan writes, “LinkedIn was able to bring the human element to their corporate videos by being empathetic (bringing out the emotion) and real (always having the viewers perspective in mind).”

Bolan suggests that all businesses follow LinkedIn’s example and given LinkedIn’s massive success and stellar brand, there are certainly worse business models to follow. How exactly should your business follow LinkedIn’s lead? Bolan has the answer.

He answers, “By developing a video production strategy that humanizes your brand. Keyword being strategy.” This makes senses – for months we have been arguing in this blog for the humanization of business and corporate videos. Without that humane element, your videos will not have that immediate and intimate connection with your audience and, as a result, your brand will seem less than human – and no company should want that – to be a robotic brand without a soul.

Stay tuned for Part Two where we’ll get into some specifics on how to create videos that are more human.

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