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Omni Webcast TV Building Superior Webcasts

The world of digital video continues to provide some amazing new services that businesses and community organizations can use to their benefit. Webcasting is one service that companies, schools and more are using to stay in touch with their customers, shareholders or constituents.

Webcasting refers to the online streaming of video for a live event of some type. Although webcasting first took off with large sporting events and major live performances, the technology is now available to allow much smaller groups to utilize webcasting effectively. Webcasts have definitive start and end times, can reach many thousands of people across the Internet and include some social media aspects, such as a live feedback page for audience comments.

Most of the issues that need to be addressed in order to create a superior webcast are taken care of during pre-production, before the event ever occurs. Ensuring that the webcast has a dedicated Internet channel that isn’t being used by another organization, and opening up certain communication ports on the computer, are important steps in building a webcast experience that can be enjoyed by a large audience.

Testing the equipment and rehearsing a performance are also crucial for instilling confidence in yourself and your colleagues that the webcast will go off without a hitch. You may want to have the highest quality video possible, but if you don’t have the bandwidth available, this is the time when you’ll see whether your video is streaming cleanly or if it skips excessively. Medium quality video streams, or even low quality video, may suffice for a board meeting or another similarly static event.

At the end of the day, all a group needs to conduct a webcast is a digital camera, a fast Internet connection and a reliable service provider. However, a company with webcasting expertise will be able to quickly troubleshoot any technical problems and improve the appearance of your webcast through graphics or social feedback functions.

Omni Webcast TV is the Internet’s top choice for building superior webcasts. Companies in the Greater Toronto Area can greatly increase their exposure through our webcasting services. Call us today to schedule a consultation or discuss your upcoming webcast project.

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