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Streaming Pros

Since the pandemic, the idea of video streaming for meetings has been greatly amplified. It was and is, a great solution for communicating with an audience that is not allowed to get together. Stay at home in your office and meet virtually. Life/work balance.

People are now starting to assemble, cautiously, and we will continue to make the best use of video cameras, microphones, computers, and – most importantly, the internet.

The skills level once needed to stream anything is far simpler today. All social media platforms and several others have simplified the process.

When audience numbers reach into the hundreds, or privacy concerns matter, having a reliable, experienced firm on site is a big benefit.

A production company brings with it the assurance of a smooth webcast. Multiple cameras, professional lighting, high end microphones all come into play to make you and your team and guests look their best.

Just the simple addition of a teleprompter eases your fears of your presentation skill that create jitters from shuffled papers or misplaced notes. On many occasions, I have been told how grateful the participants were to deliver their speech with confidence - all due to an easy-to-read prompter.

Audiences today are conditioned to excellence when listening to someone who is a professional, speak publicly (political types aside!). Few people speak well off the cuff, and a prompter is a benefit.

Any show you watch today is an investment, expecting a return. Movies, regular television. The Producers want the big audience numbers and to gain favour with viewers, they make the show as crisp, colourful and professional as possible. It is perfect from beginning to end.

That is also what a professional video production company will bring along for you.

Several cameras (live switched) offer a wider range of views for the tv audience. Titles tell the viewers whom they are seeing. Pre-recorded segments bring in participants who might not be able to attend in person. Slides for PowerPoint and Keynote are easily managed. The sound is clean, your people look their best and questions from the audience are easily managed through CHAT and also with an attending audience.

Technology changes so quickly and the best producers stay on top pf those developments, bringing ULTRA HD cameras and ancillary gear that is well-maintained.

They make you look good.

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