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Live streaming, webcasting, broadcasting... whatever you want to call it, you can reach your audience on a global scale through the internet.  


Meetings. Webinars. Events. Product reveals.


Streaming gives you the opportunity to be seen anywhere in the world!

We offer premier webcasting services with a private or public stream and full-size HD cameras for ideal images. Our "No Fail" approach is critical when there are no second "takes". Streaming is also available through Facebook and YouTube.

Wider Audience

All your audience needs is an internet connection, and all the information is consistently given.

Reduced Costs

Omni Media will provide you with a cost effective solution for your live streaming needs.

Added Revenue

Advertisers will pay to directly advertise their product or service to their ideal demographic during your event.


Your webcast will be seen from the comfort of home or on the go. Helping connect to people anywhere in the world.

Streaming Samples

Streaming Samples

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• Private redundant servers

• Single or multi-camera (switched) systems

• HD cameras with pro lenses

• Multiple microphones and PA systems

• Keyed graphics

• Licensed music (as appropriate)

• Scoreboard

• Digital PowerPoint and KeyNote inclusion

• Video playback to the stream

• Large screen(s) at the venue

• Draping 

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