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Your Story Needs a Platform to Stand On

Crafting a message or a story to drive the content of your video is essential. But making sure that the story has a platform to stand on that meets all of its needs is just as important. So how do you choose where to shoot a video?

When choosing between a professional studio and a location shoot (usually in offices or an isolated area), there are three factors to consider: audience, budget, and technology choices. Your location should appeal to your audience. You don’t want to break the bank or shortchange expenditures on the right locale. And the environment has to work with whatever equipment you’re using (talent and camera-wise).

There are a few other more specific questions to ask when picking a spot to shoot. Even if the space is perfect, if there’s not enough room for talent and equipment to function, you might as well strike that spot off the list. Is the venue appropriate for the message? Will filming here get in the way of “normal” uses for the venue? Are the talent going to be able to focus here? Finally, be sure to take stock of natural lighting, ambient sound, and vehicular or foot traffic that could interfere with a shoot.

Professional studios assure that your message is the priority of the video. There are no distracting noises; the lighting is just right. However, shooting in a venue can drive points home that just aren’t authentically possible in a production studio.

For help deciding where you’d like to shoot your next video, contact Omni Media Productions. We’re happy to help.

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