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Make Your Business More Like Tom Cruise

The great thing about a well-made video is that it showcases the bones of you or your business, the behind the scenes footage that gives your customers a clearer view of what you actually do. Hollywood does this all the time, leaking footage from a movie that’s just about to come out, to build up a little buzz or to highlight specific points that the producers want to get across. Yes, we’re talking about Hollywood and imploring that you follow their example at least just a little bit. Hollywoodize your business; it’ll do wonders for your branding. Just look at Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, which hit screens this month.

The franchise is already a huge moneymaker, with many arguing it’s the best spy series around. That is, of course, if we don’t consider James Bond, but that’s a discussion for a different time. The movie star holding the franchise together is Tom Cruise, who performs his own stunts. The lead up to the latest film included leaked videos of stunts that Cruise did himself, inducing daredevilry on the side of the Airbus A400m airplane!

In this article, Michael Zhang writes, “The film crew designed a special camera rig and mounted it to the side of the Airbus A400m airplane with the camera pointed back at where Cruise would be. It was mounted securely to ensure that it would break off and fly into the actor’s body.”

Cruise was worried about flying particles or even bird strikes; going that fast, even the tiniest object could have killed him. He persevered, however, and it is one of the more thrilling sequences in the entire movie.

So, what exactly are we arguing for? We’re not saying you should do some daredevil escapades – what we’re saying is that consumers like to see the bones of a product as it makes the whole thing a better experience. Basically, show your consumers a little bit of what you do behind the scenes, the things that really make your products or services shine. The moment they understand more of what you’re all about, the more liable you are in gaining their trust and, ultimately, loyalty. Isn’t that what branding is all about? When thinking about your name, your brand, your products, your services – what does that do to your customers? Are they excited by them? Do they know them intimately? These are things to think about.

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