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How to Write an Advertising Script

Scriptwriting in Ontario, CN | Omni Media ProductionsOmni Media Production offers scriptwriting services for radio, television, and online advertising. Our three professional scriptwriters all have their own specialties, but we thought we’d share the bare bones of where scriptwriting in the ad world begins and the general line it usually follows.

Our first job is to get into potential audience members heads as much as we can. We want to know everything about whom your product or service usually reaches and whom you’re trying to reach. How old are they? What’s their lifestyle like?

The next step sounds a bit obvious, but it’s important to take the time to write out a direct objective that all writers involved can agree on. The overall goals of your company may be to promote lifelong customers and increase breadth of product knowledge, but if you’re advertising for a single new product, which needs to be made clear before the script takes shape.

During the writing process, be sure to speak your audience’s language. Use the slang they use. For example, if you’re trying to reach an elderly population, it might be better to stay away from overly intricate terms dealing with computers and/or the internet.

Always use a hook in the first ten seconds of your ad. If you’re putting together a radio spot, be sure to set the scene with descriptive, clear images.

Phone numbers and addresses should be repeated at least once during your spot. If it’s a visual ad as well as an aural ad, display contact information while repeating it.

Calls to action are essential. Let your audience know what exactly you want them to do with the information you’ve provided. Should they tell their friends? Should they pick up the phone? Should they like your company on Facebook?

These are the starting steps – just a glimpse into the work that our staff puts into creating an effective and fun advertisement for your company. Contact Omni Media Productions Limited today for your own scriptwriting needs!


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