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The Educational Benefits Behind Video Production

Video Production Education | Omni Media ProductionsWe’ve talked about the educational benefits behind video production and webcasting before here on the Omni Media Productions blog. Bringing your message to a wider audience available through the Internet is just as helpful to government and non-profit organizations as it is for commercial businesses.

Behind the camera, you need a trustworthy professional who can handle the equipment professionally to capture the best video possible. Most may think that it doesn’t take too much skill to hold a camera steady, but there are so many technical issues to take into consideration when trying to capture video. Only those who have studied video production will know how to take care of their lighting needs quickly, what camera settings to adjust and various other considerations.

In Philadelphia, one organization is working to give students the tools to become videographers, helping them prepare for the possibility of being a professional in these fields. About $87,000 in grant funding from Philadelphia’s public media provider WHYY, as well as the William Penn Foundation and the Hamilton Family Foundation, will fund flash media labs. These labs will include video editing stations with computers, camcorders, microphones, tripods and other equipment for the creation of high-quality audio and video.

Non-profit leaders are supporting this funding because of their understanding of the real-world applications of video production, as this online article published by The Philadelphia Tribune will show. The skills of storytelling, technology and even communication abilities gained through interviewing people on-camera can be helpful in a wide array of careers. And no one can deny that the kind of technology involved in these media labs will have a growing presence in our daily lives, so gaining a closer understanding of how they work is always useful.

Omni Media Productions never wants to stop learning about how to better serve our customers. Our webcasting services are provided by dedicated professionals with unmatched talent and expertise in their field. When you want to take on the exciting world of Internet broadcast, let us help you navigate these channels. Call us today for a consultation of our services.

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