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The Hobbit Investing in Video Production

No matter what kind of business you’re involved with, a video production company can do wonders for increasing your exposure among your intended audience. The largest corporations across the globe invest heavily in video production to create commercials and online videos that are seen by millions.

Omni Media Online Video Production Toronto to Niagara

Even celebrities and film stars are aware of the need to hire outside videography services in order to improve their public profile. When you see a renowned filmmaker like Peter Jackson using an outside video

production company to film material, you know that this service is highly valued by many who are veterans of the industry.

Just take a quick look at the videos included with this report published by, an online publication covering video games. For his latest movie, “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug,” Jackson hired an outside company to produce a series of video diaries about the process of filming the second movie in the Hobbit trilogy.

The video shows off many interesting aspects behind the scenes of Jackson’s film. Fans of the Middle Earth world built by this filmmaker love to get a glimpse at combatants fighting each other in digital motion suits against a green screen. These scenes get a lot of extra computer imaging effects in order to create the orcs, elves and dwarves populating this film.

Fans also get a chance to connect with the human side of the actors portraying Tolkien’s famed characters. One scene shows Martin Freeman, the actor playing Bilbo Baggins, playing Ping-Pong behind the scenes with one of the dwarf actors, both in full costume. According to Freeman, he had won each of the 20 matches he played on set.

Far from being frivolous or excessive, these videos are crucial for solidifying the popular appeal for any product. Think about a car commercial and the sleek vehicles moving through obstacles or speeding around an open track. You can read about horsepower and gas mileage in an advertisement, but seeing the car in action goes a long in closing the sale.

Businesses in the area of St. Catherines, Ontario, and beyond can benefit from the video production services offered by Omni Video Productions. Give us a call soon to schedule our videography services for your next product launch or marketing campaign.

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