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The importance of trend forecasting in video production

Trends. You’ve heard of the word and are most likely familiar with the definition: “style or vogue” and “be currently popular.” Given how shaky the national and global economy is, analyzing trends has become a vital part of every business. This is referred to as trend analysis or trend forecasting, the science of studying changes (no matter how small) in social patterns, such as eating or Internet habits.

Omni Media Trends in Video Production from Niagara to Toronto

As a video production company that works with businesses big and small, it is important for us to keep our finger on the pulse of what’s cool, of what’s trending across different industries. Knowing what’s trending in an industry better informs us of what kind of video a company truly needs. That requires us to know the industry inside and out as well as the newest technologies available. Nowadays, every TV commercial, music video and training seminar video is shaped by trend forecasting. Our very own video production industry, of course, is shaped by these trends.

In the article, “3 Video Trends to Watch in 2013,” Armando Roggio of writes, “Streaming video’s popularity in turn is fueling three trends that could impact how web retailers do business in 2013.” According to Roggio, company video is shaped by the following three trends: more leading retailers will use product videos, video advertising may be more important and merchants will produce more content.

In terms of video advertising, most – if not all – Internet users are comfortable with watching an ad before watching a YouTube music video or short movie, a noticeable difference from television people who flip to another channel when inundated with commercials. It makes sense then for a company to invest in streaming videos, ones that include links back to the company website.

In addition to YouTube’s popularity, sites like Twitter are forcing companies to invest in content videos, informative, sometimes funny, clips that highlight a specific service or product, all while being entertaining. These clips can be easily shared on Twitter and Facebook and are a nice way for a company to boost sales and to assist in branding.

At Omni Media, we are well acquainted with these video production trends and will use this knowledge to your company’s advantage. By incorporating video production trends with industry-specific trends, our videos will help keep your company’s finger on the pulse of what’s cool.

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