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The Power Of Webcasting Your Webinar

If you run a business, you are an expert on your business and your product line right? The answer to this question should be yes. Using a webinar is a tool that you literally have at the tip of your fingertips.

Omni Media Online Video Production Toronto to Niagara

Grab your camcorder and follow along the journey as we show you the power of webcasting.

Webinars are so convenient because we live in the digital age where anyone who is anyone has an internet connection.

Conducting a webinar is great for cutting costs, because the visitors can be there, without actually being there.

For example, you can have meetings and connect with everyone around the world, live with a webinar – without even needing to leave the office.

Think about how many how-to videos are on YouTube right now.

You can search for how to install a deck, learn how to use a new camera, or play a video game with a total walkthrough tutorial on how to win against each boss.

With a webinar, you can take your training manual to the next level. You can answer questions in real time as the viewers are watching you.

You can introduce new concepts or a better way of using your product and, you can teach people live.

If you are thinking about putting together a webinar for your employees or customers, the right topic will be key; or else people will spend an hour checking emails, rather than engaging with you.

Be sure to filter and funnel in the right people for your webinar as well.

Do a topic that is broad enough to reach a lot of people, but at the same time, capturing the right audience as well.

Pick a good day of the week and a time as well that will work for everyone. Check your analytics in social media and Google to see when engagement is the highest for your customer base and client base to pick the best time to have the event.

The return on the investment of time and funds can be incredibly powerful when you webcast a webinar.

For tips on webcasting or for information on our Web Seminars and webcasting services, feel free to give Omni Media Productions a call at 1.800.561.OMNI today.

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