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The Short Attention Spans of Online Viewers

The world of online video production has it’s own concerns when compared to the world of broadcast TV. Whether producing a commercial or some other video project, the short attention spans of online viewers puts much more of an emphasis on grabbing your viewers quickly. Think of some of the best online videos you’ve seen, and you’ll probably notice that most of them have an early hook that invite viewers to watch more.

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There’s no one way to open your videos, but you should make sure to keep your audience in mind and make your message count in the first few seconds. A few good examples of this are found in this article published by Business 2 Community. In each of these, a company is able to showcase a product or service in a way that strikes viewers as original and engaging.

Some of these campaigns work to establish a theme or atmosphere early on that their customers can identify with or want. The Fratello coffee ad included in the above link has nothing to do with coffee for the first few segments. Instead, the action gives off an air of sophistication and delicacy that carries over into the description of Fratello’s coffee. The vagueness of the video’s first few seconds helps draw the viewer in as they contemplate what the video could be about.

A case of misdirection is also on display in the Guinness commercial featuring a group of basketball players. For the first few seconds, it looks as though any normal basketball game is taking place. Then, the camera backs up and the viewer realizes that the players are handicapped and need wheelchairs to get around. Many viewers found that this made them sympathize with the message of the commercial.

The way that your video starts will dictate much of how your audience will respond to your message. When you need a compelling message to win over your viewers, trust Omni Productions Limited. We can bring plenty of creative ideas to spruce up your next commercial or video project.

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