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Using Videos and Facebook to Engage with Your Customers

No matter what type of business or organization you manage, social media is one of your most powerful tools when it comes to spreading news about your products or services, and reaching new people. While today there are more social media platforms than ever before to choose from, and you should make use of more than one, Facebook is still the most popular. You can use Facebook to post messages, pictures, and of course, videos. But what are some of the best practices in regards to sharing media on Facebook? We’re here to help you get the most out of this powerful social media platform!

The important thing to remember about Facebook is that people have dozens, if not hundreds of distractions in their face any time they use it. From playing games to looking at a friend’s album of wedding pictures, there is a lot to see and do. That’s why you need to ensure your posts not only stand out, but also engage your followers. Luckily, adding a video to your post instantly draws more attention to it, now you just need to make sure people watch that video.

Getting people to watch the videos you post on Facebook is easier than it sounds. It helps to have a great default frame image. That will act as a small preview of what the video is about, and could entice people to click on it that would otherwise pass by. Try to choose one of the most visually interesting sections of your video as the frame image.

You should also keep your Facebook videos short and simple. People visit Facebook frequently throughout the day, but typically in short bursts. If you post a 30-minute video, you can bet that most people won’t watch it all the way through, or even at all.

Take advantage of these tips and you can start using videos and Facebook to engage with both new and existing followers!

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