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Want Your Videos to Look Like VHS?

If you pay any attention to our blog, you know we pay close attention to trends. Any good video production company knows what’s in and what’s out, what’s cool and what’s “so yesterday.” Online videos, including company and viral videos have a limited lifespan. They’re not vampires so they don’t live forever; meaning the impact they have on your customers (and potential one) isn’t long lasting. You have to strike while the iron’s hot or risk losing out on tremendous business opportunities. Don’t be one of those company that rests on its laurels, so set in its ways that the whole world simply passes them by without so much as a nod or look of approval. It means you’re doing something wrong. While we don’t encourage you to embrace every video production trend (some are better than others are), we do suggest you at least be aware of them, such as this recent trend of VHS camera apps, as discussed in this Digital Trends article.

Yes, you heard us correct; the look of VHS tapes is all the rage nowadays, especially the new VHS Camcorder app from LA-based Rarevision. Trevor Mogg writes, “Shooting footage that “looks and sounds like video recordings that have been in storage for 30 years,” the app incorporates all that lovely tape noise, static, and tracking distortion familiar to 80s folk who splashed out no small amount on those giant VHS babies that promised so much but delivered little. Features include the ability to degrade the picture for maximum crappiness by dragging your finger around the display or shaking the device.”

Doesn’t seem like much of a ringing endorsement, does it? We don’t think you and your company should produce videos that resemble grainy VHS tapes, but we do think you should ponder why this app is so popular. The “crappiness” of grainy VHS tapes exhibits a sort of carefreeness that is infectious; it is just plain fun. More than though, however, is the fact that the VHS Camcorder app allows people to make videos that are about their personalities. Without relying on the bells and whistles of video production, you must rely on not just your personality, but also your message.

Let’s put it this way: you have to get straight to the point. With that said, we have a question for you: what’s your message? Do you know how to get straight to the point?

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