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Web Streaming: Tips For Enhancing An Event Webcast

Virtual webcasts have become so popular that it’s uncommon to not come across one while spending a few minutes in the Internet. A webcast is a great tool for reaching a broad audience for live conferences and events.

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These live video broadcasts are becoming a dime a dozen, so you have to do all you can to stand out above the rest. A good webcast is one that grabs a viewer’s attention in the first few seconds, keeps them there the entire broadcast and thinks about the topic afterwards.

How to achieve the above? Read the helpful tips below:

1. Select the most convenient date and time for your virtual audience. Take into consideration time zones and the most popular time of day for virtual viewers so you’ll reach the largest live audience.

2. Use social media tools to share your webcast message. Invite your viewers to tweet on twitter about the webcast or to use the message in blogs. The more your viewers can connect, the better.

3. Make a hashtag (#) so that the community of those tuning in can connect on other media outlets. Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and Blogs are great tools for people to gather and discuss.

4. Designate someone who will connect through twitter with the virtual audience and face to face one. This person can ask the virtual audience questions, summarize topics, and share points of view.

5. Make sure you introduce and give a background of all speakers, leaders and characters. Most people won’t be familiar with your operation, so give them information ahead of time.

6. Answer questions from the virtual audience. When the viewers are not able to engage in the conversation, they tend to move on. You want viewers to feel valued.

7. Have the webcast archived so late viewers can still view. Archiving a webcast will prolong discussions of your video because it’ll be continually available.

8. Check out blogs about your webcast. You can connect with bloggers and send them links to your archived video.

As always, we are a professional webcast and video production company. With our vast background, we can help make your next webcast an absolute success.

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Originally posted May 9, 2013 by Omni Media & filed under Web Streaming, Webcasting.

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