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Webcasting Extends a Company’s Reach

Broadcast services that support the streaming of live or recorded video has a number of obvious uses in our contemporary society. For example, it’s much easier for a community to view local sports games, even amateur and high school games, over the Internet rather than hope that they get picked up for cable broadcast. More scripted options, like comedy shows and dramas, also quickly pop to mind.

Omni Media Webcasting - Live Streaming Toronto to Niagara

However, video streaming services can provide many educational benefits to companies and even provide a very useful business tool. Many businesses make their profit from consulting, and their bottom lines rely on the ability to find a large audience who needs their expertise. Webinars and lectures broadcast across the Internet can help these companies find the clients that will keep them afloat and successful.

Take, for instance, the example given in this press release published on PRWeb. The Chicago-based company Cynosure Risk Advisors LLC has been offering consultation services to large and small-sized businesses who are trying to navigate the tricky language of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that will soon be enacted.

This information is greatly valuable to a number of companies outside of the general Chicago region. Recording these sessions and offering them to businesses through Internet channels isn’t just good business, it will improve the spread of information to those who need it most. These live seminars also offer business owners the opportunity to communicate with Cynosure Risk Advisors staff and ask questions during and after the session.

The live interface is also optimized to make it sound and look as though you are in close personal proximity with the presenter, helping a viewer stay more engaged than with a PowerPoint presentation given from a stage.

Whether you need a seminar recorded or broadcast live to a large audience, Omni Webcast TV can help. We’re Toronto’s top choice for corporate webcasting and event recording services.

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