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How to Make a Commercial

Omni Media Online Video Production Toronto to Niagara

Besides big budget productions that you see during the Super Bowl, most commercials seem like simple things to create, mostly due to how short they are. This may seem especially true when it comes to local commercials that you see for local businesses. But make no mistake, a lot of work goes into creating even the most basic of commercials, and you should be prepared before embarking on a quest to make your own. No matter what type of commercial you want to make, here’s what you’ll need to do to get started.

Finding a director is important, especially if no one in your company has any video production experience. A director will assist both the cast and crew, leading the entire production. They will play a role in every part of the process, from casting to editing, but they are most crucial on set when the commercial is actually being shot.

Of course, every great commercial has a great script behind it. Because commercials are so short, you need to rely on both words and images to sell your message to viewers. You only have so many seconds to get your point across, so make sure every word is chosen carefully. This will ensure that anyone could sit down and understand your product or service after one viewing.

Choosing the right locations is also important. Whether you are shooting outside on location, on a stage, or a combination of both, this step can be tricky. You will have to coordinate schedules, possibly reserve venues, and ensure weather conditions are right for filming.

We don’t expect you to handle all of these things alone. At Omni Media Productions, we can ensure your next commercial shoot is a success. Contact us today to learn more about our video production services!

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