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Sharing Your Video Online: Vimeo vs. Youtube

Omni Media Trends in Video Production from Niagara to Toronto

In today’s society, the importance of going viral and getting it right counts in every way. For businesses, maximizing exposure to potential clients can easily be done by way of Internet technology. As millions of people each day browse on the computer, the chances of getting exposed are high.

The two most popular modes of media hype are of course, YouTube, and newbie Vimeo. Both media outlets provide a way for people to post videos of various topics, but both pose their own sets of pros and cons. We have distinguished the good and the bad for both below.


YouTube sees an average of 800 million viewers each month. From the most informational and inspirational to the most bizarre, you can find a video for everything on YouTube.

Here’s why most of the population turns to YouTube:

1. For those who count on viewer hits, YouTube is the way to go.

2. There is no fee for using YouTube to upload or watch videos.

3. There is no cap as to how many videos you can upload and videos are customizable.

4. Display-ads, in-video ads and promoted videos are available at a minimal cost for advertising.

What people say they don’t like about YouTube:

1. There is an average of 72 hours of video being uploaded each minute which means it’s difficult to sift through the junkier videos.

2. Advertising pop ups throughout videos and displayed all over the screen, the various advertisements can become a distraction.

3. 15 minutes is the typical allotted time for most users to upload.

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