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Location Shooting Services

Omni Media Webcasting - Location Shooting Services - Toronto to Niagara

There are a good many years (37) of Ontario video production services on location and in our modest studio to describe. We have assisted Toronto and Niagara Ontario organizations with old ¾ inch tapes (and VHS and 1 inch) because we have well-maintained SONY and JVC decks. Handy for archiving. But there are a few decades in between those days of large-format tapes and today’s pint-size P-2 and SD cards that record. Omni Media utilizes the latest technologies to service all clients whether we are managing the whole project or acting as the shooters and/or cutters, almost anywhere in Canada.

On Location Video Shooting in Toronto, ON

Our hi-def stuff does not centre on one system. Too many of them! Clients like the flexibility we have to offer from providing Panasonic, Canon, and Sony HD cameras. Yes and DSLR and GoPro units as well! They are rigged on O’Connor, Cartoni and Sachtler tripods. We have put them on trains, planes, skateboards, towers, our Matthews dolly, Seven jib, Jet Boats and suction cupped them underneath powerful sports cars. No limits on angles for our shooting. For video production in Toronto Ontario, we assure clients from most anywhere in the world; we deliver footage they expect of their own best people.

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