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Omni Media Webcasting & Video Streaming

Omni Media Webcasting - Live Streaming Toronto to Niagara

Webcasting has become a popular medium to present sports, board meetings, Church services, convocations, seminars and ceremonial events to world-wide audiences. Omni Media Productions understands the importance of adapting to the changing landscape of presentations.

With 37 years of television experience in Ontario, we have the ability to provide superior quality, live and pre-taped streaming services to clients requiring the best. Our extensive experience in Ontario includes working with highly recognized and broadcast- savvy personnel. Most are on staff and have been with us for over 10 years.

Our understanding of web streaming services puts us at the forefront of the webcasting industry. For more than six years, we have produced live webcast streams for Universities, Colleges, schools, corporations and government agencies in Ontario.

Multi-Camera Broadcasting, HD Webcasting, Licensed Music & More!

We back the multitude of webcasting services we provide with broadcast equipment. Only the best images. Our set-up and staging productions come with a variety of options:

Private redundant servers

Single or multi-camera (switched) systems

HD and SD cameras with big lenses

Multiple microphones and PA systems

Keyed graphics

Licensed music (as appropriate)


Digital PowerPoint and KeyNote inclusion

Video playback to the stream

Large screen(s) at the venue


It will be easy to have Omni Webcast TV (a division of Omni Media Productions Limited) stream your message. We will help you ‘Reach The World” with high-impact, interactive, webcast solutions. Call us today for more information.

Learn More about Web Seminars

Watch the Omni Media Live Stream!

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