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Potential Webcast Viewers

Omni Media Webcasting - Live Streaming Toronto to Niagara

We live in a year and a space where it is nearly impossible to function successfully without having some level of computer literacy. GPS systems, word processing programs, dictionaries, online resumes, specific job training resources and entire university courses all require a modicum of computer literacy to access.

This is a great thing. The world is literally at our fingertips if we have the skills to access it. Which is why it’s so frustrating when something just doesn’t click (or JavaScript doesn’t run or the audio doesn’t sync with the visual.)

Not surprisingly, in a recent survey conducted by Talkpoint, a webcasting specialist, most users stated that ease of use and the simplicity of the technology being employed were one of the biggest factors as to whether or not they would even open up a webcast invitation. People want to feel that they are computer savvy, and they want information at their fingertips, at a convenient hour, and without any hassle.

Potential webcast viewers want video. 62% of the 250 people surveyed indicated that a webinar or livestream was more appealing if there was a visual. And the availability of such videos is so rampant that viewers can be picky. The most convenient time for watching from London to Los Angeles is 11am to 1pm Eastern.

To optimize your viewership, whether you’re planning on webcasting a private event, a webinar, a sports event, or setting up an interactive interview, contact Omni Media Productions Limited to stay on top of everything that this tech savvy generation expects from their webcast experience.


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