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Responsibilities Of Common Film Production Positions

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Responsibilities Of Common Film Production PositionsFilm production is a full-service process with many hands and minds involved. A number of people it takes to shoot a great production are staggering and absolutely necessary.

For those in the film industry and who are familiar with the ins and outs of the people who make it a successful, it is easy to pinpoint what each person’s position brings to the table.

To the outside world or to those new to the world of film production, it is sort of like learning English as a second language. The terminology used for each production worker’s position can seem a bit unordinary and difficult to understand.

For example, can you guess what a gaffer is? Probably not… It is not easy to make an educated or sensible guess when the position is a gaffer.

Just so you know, a gaffer is the head of the electrical department, a person who is responsible for the execution of the production lighting plan.

When working in film production, it is important to know what the roles each person’s position plays so that the production is a smooth and successful process.

Other common film production titles include:

Best Boy – this role refers to the best electrician who is led by the gaffer. The best boy handles all of the logistics and paperwork related to the electrical system as well as coordinates the team of lighting technicians. Best boys order and arrange all deliveries of equipment.

Boom Operator – the boom operator assists the production sound mixer on film as well as television sets. They operate the boom microphone and position radio and clip microphones on set or a person’s clothing. Boom operators are essential to ensuring the dialogue and sound effects are of high quality.

Foley Artist – this is a person who creates the sounds in front of a projected picture.

Jimmy Jib Operator – this operator is responsible for operating very heavy and hazardous machinery in difficult locations, like above a television set. It is these difficult locations that produce the best birds eye views and remarkable cinematography.

Post Producer – this person has the job of actual editing, dubbing, and production duties after the shooting and taping have been completed.

Whether you plan on a career in film production or are looking for a film production crew to offer their assistance, it is wise to understand the technical parts of each person’s job involved. This will alleviate any confusion and help produce the highest quality production.

Omni Media has professional behind-the-scenes employees who are skilled at doing their job to the highest degree so that your final production is the very best. Check out the video production services we offer, and contact us at 1.800.561.OMNI for more information today!

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