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Schools and Webcasting (Part One): Utilizing Video to Attract Families and Students

Omni Media Webcasting - Live Streaming Toronto to Niagara

In previous posts, we have discussed the benefits of webcasting, how it can take the company to that next level. It’s an interactive tool used to promote products and services, to make announcements or to spread the word about a particular company. You can webcast to customers, business partners, investors or workers, establishing better relationships with all parties. This, of course, helps when it comes to marketability, profit and success.

However, not everyone utilizes webcasting for business purposes. Oftentimes, schools do webcasts for special events, such as an open house, orientation or graduation. Schools, especially in larger cities, are fiercely competitive and the rush to win over the hearts of parents with money (and quality sons and daughters) is like rival companies trying to grab a share of the market. By utilizing webcasting, schools demonstrate that these events are indeed very special and worth time, money and effort.

Additionally, webcasting demonstrates that schools keep up with the times and embrace technological advancements to ultimately create a better learning atmosphere for the student body. School administrations and video production companies therefore have a healthy, fruitful relationship.

In order to seem cool to youngsters, schools will webcast live events, interviews with students, tours on Facebook pages and YouTube channels. While a majority of youngsters will not find this cool, such schools deserve an A for effort, because whether you are a small business or private school, a video production will take you to that next level.

Stay tuned for part two, where we’ll cover the benefits of webcasting in terms of teaching!

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