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Schools and Webcasting (Part Two): Utilizing Technology in the Classroom

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In our last post, we discussed the effectiveness of schools utilizing webcasting for special events, such as an open house, orientation or graduation. This demonstrates a sincere forward thinking on the part of the school that is attractive to both parents and students. Webcasting a school event is the best way to advertise the uniqueness of that school. It shows willingness on the part of the school’s administrative body to invest time, money and effort into the student body. This, however, is not the only way that schools utilize this exciting technology; it is also used by teachers and for sports. For now, let’s talk about how teachers use webcasting in the classroom.

Webcasting is useful in the classroom for many reasons. It spices up the classroom. Let’s be honest – the classroom can get boring. We all remember high school and college. Even if a student enjoys the subject, the daily routine of going to class – sitting in a desk, teacher taking attendance, you halfheartedly taking notes etc. – is overwhelming. This isn’t interactive education, nor is it innovative; this is an assembly line. The use of webcasting for lectures, including bringing in guest lecturers, improves the student’s educational experience tenfold. Webcasting is something different; it makes going to class exciting, which increases a student’s ability and willingness to learn.

When you think of webcasting in the classroom, think of the word willingness – the willingness to improve the educational experience for teacher and student. Webcasting in the classroom, for instance, allows teachers to record their own lectures and interactions with the students so they can self-evaluate and see where they can improve. This way, a teacher can try new things, to freshen up the atmosphere. It’s crucial, because nowadays, the average classroom tends to be stagnant. It’s because many schools operate under an old way of thinking. That needs to change. Webcasting is a giant step in that direction.

Webcasting suggests a willingness to self-improve. It creates a contagious energy that spreads from student to teacher to parent. By bringing in guest lecturers via a webcast or having the ability to record, analyze and improve teacher student interaction, the atmosphere will organically change for the better.

Stay tuned for part three, where we’ll go a bit more in-depth into webcasting and how teachers can utilize it effectively. Remember, Omni Webcast TV is here for your all of your webcasting needs!

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Originally posted November 12, 2013 by Omni Media & filed under Webcasting.

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