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2017 is the Year of Shareable Online Videos

When you think of sharing, what do you think of? Perhaps a vision passes through your head, of children in Kindergarten calmly sharing toys, passing around action figures and dolls. Now, imagine if those toys were online videos and the children adults. The more times that the video is passed around, the more influence it will have on the world. The is how an everyday online video becomes a viral video, the amount of times that it is shared.

2017 will be the year of sharability. All throughout the year, the most successful businesses will be knee-deep in sharing, so it is imperative that you know all about sharability. There is a science to it. Having a quality-produced video is one thing, but knowing the ins and outs of sharing it so that it becomes popular. Creativity is the foundation of sharability or, as Shelley M. Johnson points out in this article, “Guaranteed shareable content requires creative thinking. Cultivate an out-of-the-box mentality designed to upstage the competition. Marketers must know their audience intimately, something that requires thorough research and data mining. Know the audience almost better than they know themselves.”

So, how well do you know your audience? Can you rattle off their deep-seated beliefs? Have you dissected their hopes and dreams? If not, you should, especially before paying hard-earned cash to have a video produced. What will your video accomplish? How will it resonate within the hearts of your audience? All research indicates that a company needs to know how to pull on a customer’s heart strings just enough. Too much pull and the strings break, and then you have no heart at all!

At Omni Media Productions, we help you break down your audience and make a video that will shake the internet to its very core. Make 2017 the year of sharability!

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