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Be Like a David Lynch Commercial

This may seem foolish to say, but never underestimate the power of a commercial or video ad. No celebrity or brand name company reaches a point where they are “too good” for commercials. Commercials maintain a presence in a customer’s heart and head. You can’t give up on that. Commercials and social media videos are crucial in getting not just your name out there, but also your vision and voice. Just take a look at David Lynch. Yes, that David Lynch.

David Lynch is, of course, an Oscar-nominated director best known for his landmark television show, Twin Peaks. Bizarre, controversial, brilliant – Lynch has maintained a constant artistic presence in both Hollywood and the underground. He also happens to have a coffee brand, called David Lynch Signature Cup Coffee. Yup – Lynch also dabbles in coffee.

‘Dabbles’ is a bit of an understatement – Lynch LOVES coffee, is a connoisseur of it. This love, this bizarreness, comes across in the latest commercial for his coffee brand, which is directed by his daughter. The commercial is stylish and done up in black and white and features music from the band Nonviolet. It has been described as “groovy” and “creepy.” You can watch below.

The commercial is making waves on the Internet and many are applauding it for maintaining Lynch’s bizarre and zany voice, but for also adapting that voice to help sell coffee. The commercial is the perfect example of branding and utilizing someone’s (or something’s) voice as a means to expand a product’s influence.

What do you think of the commercial? Let us know in the comments below and if you’re needing help in crafting your own bizarre or zany commercial, Omni Media Productions can help! Contact us today for more information.

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