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Camera Differences: $50k vs $500

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Camera Differences: $50k vs $500Do you ever go to an electronics store and take a look at the cameras? For some of us, it is a guilty pleasure. Sometimes you get such a sticker shock and can’t believe what someone would need a $50,000 camera for.

You often wonder if your camera can handle the same conditions as these expensive cameras out there or if you need an upgrade.

We will highlight some of the main differences in this blog.

Some of the main differences between the $50,000 cameras and the $500 options are the use that you will need this camera for.

If you are shooting a major motion picture, your camera budget will most likely be higher than a small media company or a person working freelance or that has a small photography business.

And when you buy a more expensive camera you should be receiving a few better accessories than the standard $500 option that just anyone can pick up at a big box store.

You should receive better chipsets, premium lenses, and more controls and features for the higher-priced camera.

Another difference is the shooting style. If you need a camera that can handle taking shots faster, you may need something more on the expensive side.

The pricier models should include a faster processor, faster maximum speed shutter, and faster continuous speed shooting.

But you should definitely compare these traits when shopping for a new camera with the different brands, because buying yourself something more expensive, doesn’t guarantee that it will be faster.

Luckily there is a middle ground when it comes to camera prices. Even if you do not have a budget of $50k to spend on a camera, there are so many great options that can handle what you are looking for, for even $20k or less.

Take a good look at the features, give it a test run before buying and in the end, you will be satisfied with your investment.

At Omni Media Productions, our impressive video production crews service the Ontario, Canada area and beyond. If you are interested in one of our video production services or have any questions on what we can do for your business, please call us 1.800.561.OMNI today!

Originally posted April 20, 2016 by Omni Media Productions Limited & filed under New Technology, Video Production.

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