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Company Growth and Global Crowdsourcing Video Production

Every company, big and small, should be involved in video production in some fashion. Quality video content for your website and social media sites is an integral part of attracting an audience and converting them into clients. Most companies recognize the importance of video production, but choose not to invest in it due to what they assume is the high cost of it, so because of this presumptuous belief, these businesses are sacrificing profit and growth. If they, however, do invest in video production, they do it on the cheap and the videos are of low quality. It all comes down to budget and ambition, which can confuse the average business owner.

Although most business owners are ambitious to a degree, he or she can’t avert their eyes from the company budget, how it glows like the sun; he or she is often blinded by this budgetary sun. Quality video production is worth it; for companies, it is the perfect bridge between ambition and budget, which is why some have turned to crowdsourcing to fund quality video production. There are a few global video crowdsourcing companies out there, and they vary in effectiveness, with some even holding contests for creators and animators.

In the article, “Crowdsourcing Can Make Video Production Affordable For All Budgets,” Anish Patel of writes, “Crowdsourcing for your next video is a great tactic for budget control. Why is that? Because your company can place bid for the style and the budget of a video that you want.” Patel argues that crowdsourcing allows for video production companies to compete over you, presenting you with a variety of choices that would otherwise not be available to you were it not for crowdsourcing, sites such as Userfarm, and Poptent.

The rise in these global crowdsourcing companies suggests a greater appreciation for quality video production, which is a good thing, but you can’t throw your hat in the ring with just any video production company. You have to do some research; your ambition deserves that much. While we understand the budgetary concerns that many companies have regarding video production, over at Omni Media – Ontario’s premier video production group – we provide quality video production for a great price. It is a cost effective solution to the problem of your budgetary ambition.


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