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Facebook Live Streaming and Social Media

The United States House of Representatives saw a dramatic moment recently as a number of its members held a sit-in to protest the failure of the body to hold a vote on gun restrictions.

With the chamber out of session, the television cameras that broadcast the normal procedures were turned off. Normally citizens could only read reports from the sit in after the fact or read social media updates, but thanks to online broadcasting tools, the members were able to broadcast themselves over the web,reported The Verge.

Many different organizations are now using tools such as Facebook Live and Periscope to communicate online. These services allow anyone with a smartphone to broadcast themselves across the Internet in real time, as well as interact by accept questions and comments from viewers.

While the Congressional protest in the United States is an extreme example, it shows the way in which people can bring outsiders into a certain situation. These video streaming services provide a greater level of interaction than writing tweets or sending Facebook messages.

Businesses can think about how to use Facebook Live and Periscope. It could be to release a new product, answer customer questions on a given subject or hold a live question-and-answer session with an industry expert on an important topic.

At Omni Media, we can help your organization find the best way to use these streaming services, along with other forms of social media as well. We excel at getting organizations positive attention online that will drive customers and business to your site.

Social media is typically the easiest ways to connect with consumers. By creating superior content, you can get your business a devoted following that will help garner new and repeat business. With the right social media presence, your company can be seen everywhere in the world. Don’t be intimidated by Facebook Live and Periscope, but instead see them as a way to broadcast yourself to the world.

To learn more about how Omni Media can help with your social media marketing videography or for more about any of our services, call us today at 800-561-OMNI.

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