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Follow LinkedIn’s Example When It Comes to Making Videos, Part Two

In our last post, we discussed how LinkedIn is creating some of the most human corporate videos. These videos are for their Sales Navigator lead generation tool. Bryan Bolan of believes that their videos should set a precedent that other companies, such as yours, should follow. What is LinkedIn’s secret?

Bolan writes, “LinkedIn produced four videos which allows them to spread out the storyline and simplify the benefits of their app. These four videos amount to just over five and a half minutes of video content. That’s pretty sweet.”

Yes, that’s pretty sweet – keep the videos to a minimum, such as four, and be sure to spread out the story that you’re trying to tell. You’re not making an epic fantasy movie that will lose your customers’ interests, you need to create teasers that want them coming back for more, all the while still telling your story and selling a product. Remember the human interest must be present and holding everything together like organic glue. To hold their four videos together, LinkedIn told the story through the eyes of one main character, Martin.

Bolan writes, “LinkedIn created a story of how their main character, Martin, uses the app to build and contact new leads. This is very powerful because I can relate to Martin, put myself in his shoes and see our company doing the same thing.”

That’s pretty simple – have a character that your customers can relate to. Next time you’re thinking of making videos, consider having a main character that is able to tell your story, whom your clients can bond with. Contact us for more details.

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