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Get a Professional Look with Location Shooting Services

Video has become an increasingly important way to communicate a message or story. Whether high-end acquisition, commercials, music videos, training seminars, or webcasting and video streaming, it is essential that your video shoot is done with attention paid to the production quality. You only have one opportunity to make a first impression on a client or audience, so to ensure you’re putting out the best video possible, turn to Omni Media and our location shooting services.

Our video professionals are experienced with a variety of media formats, including HD. We have been able to assist clients with older technology as well, thanks to our well-maintained JVC and Sony decks using ¾-inch, one-inch and VHS tapes. We also utilize the latest technologies like P-2 and SD cards when working with clients across Canada, whether we are managing the entire project or acting only as the shooters or cutters.

Omni Media is known for the variety of HD cameras that we employ, including Sony, Canon, and Panasonic. Additionally, we also use D-SLR and GoPro units as appropriate. We are not locked into one system, which gives us the versatility to adapt our shooting methodology to meet the unique needs of your project.

The expertise and experience of our team members allows us to create stunning and unique video effects for clients. We rig cameras on Sachtler, Cartoni and O’Connor tripods for shooting, and we have rigged cameras on planes, trains, towers, jet boats, Seven jibs, a Matthews dolly and even beneath sports cars to get unique looks, effects and angles. In other words, our video crew will do what it takes to create a professional look for your video.

Omni Media has been providing professional video production services in our studio and on location for more than 30 years. We have worked with many clients from around the world over the years, and we always strive to deliver the high-quality video footage that they expect. Contact us today at 800-561-OMNI to learn how our award-winning team of video professionals can help you get the professional look you deserve with location shooting services.

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