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Get More Twitter Followers to Retweet Your Videos

When you put out a new commercial or product video, getting as many people as possible to share it should be your top goal. Unfortunately, you may find that you tweet out a link to the video and get almost no response. That’s because unlike some social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter is incredibly busy. Most people follow hundreds, if not thousands, of their friends, favorite celebrities, companies, and more. In order to get your video noticed, you need to create the perfect tweet.

Studies have shown that hashtags are a great way to increase the amount of retweets. In fact, including at least one hashtag will give your tweet a 55% higher chance of being retweeted. Of course, you don’t want to overload your tweet with too many hashtags, and making sure they are relevant to the video is also important.

Another thing to consider is adding a quote to your tweet. Perhaps include a line from the video you are sharing that will give people an idea about its content. Research suggests that when you add a quote to a tweet, there is a 30% higher chance that it will be retweeted, so try to work one in!

Of course, you could be as straightforward as possible and add phrases like “please retweet” to your tweet. While you don’t want to come off as if you are begging, doing this could increase the amount of retweets you receive by more than 100%.

Take advantage of these tips to ensure as many people see your videos on Twitter as possible. For more social media marketing tips for your videos, keep checking back with Omni Media Productions!

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