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Google Algorithm Updates and Your Online Videos

There is an alchemy almost behind the most successful websites on the Internet, a magic debunker that decides what websites look like illusions and those that do not. Naturally, the websites revealed to be mere illusions quickly fall down search engine rankings and, before long, it’s as if they fade away into the cracks and recesses of the Internet. We of course are talking to Google and the awe-inspiring power of their algorithm updates. You might be asking yourself, “What are Google algorithm updates?”

These updates are changes that Google makes to the way they index and rank websites. These are things you need to keep an eye on or your business will (there’s no doubt of this) suffer. The latest update is all about mobile devices, with many industry insiders calling it “mobilegeddon” – people like Ashni Sharma of

Ashni writes, “Basically, if you’re not mobile ready – you’ll soon be irrelevant. But we didn’t need Google to tell us this. We can barely walk down the street without bumping into a stranger on their smartphone. So if you want to engage with your customers, you have to get mobile with your thinking. Mobile marketing spending is predicted to hit $65 billion by 2019 in the US alone.”

If you own or operate a business, it’s absolutely prudent to be mobile, meaning you should be like a chameleon able to adapt to multiple platforms and settings. Take, for example, video marketing. If you don’t have mobile-friendly videos, what’s the point of having videos at all? With Omni Media Productions Limited at your side, we will help you create algorithm-friendly mobile videos that will help you achieve success across a wide variety of different platforms. Don’t be a victim of mobilegeddon!

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