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Hiring a Video Production Team

Hiring a video production team is daunting. Are they overcharging? Is the professional effect going to be worth the cost? And, most importantly, is the product they’re promising going to turn out?

There are concrete factors you, as a small business owner or an in-the-works entrepreneur can look at to assure a good buy. Does the company have experience? If they don’t actually have samples of work up on current websites, they’re probably not the wisest choice. Before hiring the team, ask for a consult. How do they envision your information being presented? What’s the concept? And do they expect your company to take care of that side of the video?

After deciding on a company, there are still other expenses to be considered. First, there’s the talent. Are you going to use actual employees (which is usually no-cost) or will you have to hire narrators, models etc.? This can be one of the highest costs of video production. Then there’s the actual planning stage, a location that may have to be rented, a basic crew (though production assistants, sound engineers, and lighting technicians may be required for bigger productions) to be hired, and camera equipment to be rented. And if this is going to be a really big video there are always extra costs: wardrobe, set pieces, green screens and original music scores are all going to push the grand total just that much higher. Make sure that you understand exactly which of these factors will be included in your video production package before you select a company for value.

So your video is produced. You found a great value that included everything your company required and the video looks professional and is efficiently informative. But now there’s optimization and distribution. How can you assure that your video is going to go viral? It needs to be posted in the right space on the internet and tagged with the right keywords: all of which costs extra.

Omni Media Productions can make this entire process a lot less overwhelming. With their state of the art equipment and professional, but personable, crew, Omni Media is exactly what your company needs to give it the edge it deserves!


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