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How People Are Consuming Video in 2015

New technology and platforms are continually shaping the way people both produce and consume media, and in 2015 the landscape is continuing to change. We’re here to look at some of the most recent video consumption trends, which may help you better understand and reach your intended audience.

According to recent statistics, it is important to keep in mind that while the amount of people viewing videos online is continuing to climb, people are still watching television. According to a report from Nielson, people are now watching almost a half an hour of online videos per day. And while that number may seem high, the average person is watching television for four hours. This means that while reaching an online audience is important, you shouldn’t avoid the TV market.

On the other hand, more adults than ever before are watching videos on their phone, while young people are using mobile devices more and more when it comes to consuming media. This may be because watching videos on phones has never been easier thanks to easy to use YouTube apps and similar platforms available on smartphones.

Of course, because people tend to use their phones in short bursts, that means they are watching more videos, but for a small amount of time each. This trend has led content creators to focus on producing short, yet meaningful, content in order to reach a larger portion of the mobile audience.

What do you think the future holds for video consumption? Do you think these trends will continue to shift in the coming years? No matter what, we’ll be here to guide you in the ever changing landscape of video production and consumption!

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