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How to Build Webcast Awareness

Webcasts are supposed to look easy. That means that everything’s running correctly and your audience is focused on your message instead of the technicalities associated with delivering it. The reality is that successful webcasts require an incredible amount of preparation in addition to all of the work that goes into developing meaningful material to webcast. We’ve compiled five bits of advice for assuring that all runs smoothly.

Building webcast awareness prior to the actual seminar is key to reaching as great a percentage of your target audience as possible. Pre-registration, reminder e-mails, and a pre-event website are all good ways to raise awareness in potential viewers.

Make a pre-event checklist. This should include testing sound and visual equipment, checking and double-checking that your internet infrastructure will be able to accommodate a realistic viewer-base, and making sure the space where the seminar is being shot will be as expected on event day.

The network and equipment should be of a quality that can support your webcast endeavor. The audio/visual equipment needs to be checked first, then the quality of the encoder, the content delivery network, and the streaming support infrastructure.

The more audience participation, the better. Working within the scope of what your audience needs to stay engaged and the level of involvement they are able to contribute, using innovative technologies to keep your audience with you pays off. Think about incorporating live Q&A sessions, online polling, or social media applications into your presentation to take it to the next level.

Finally, use the right team. A group of professionals dedicated to worrying about the logistics of how your message reaches an audience will do wonders for the look of your presentation. Contact Omni Webcast TV today to make an impact.


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