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How To Create A 360 Video And Why It Is Beneficial To Your Business

Proving to be a game changer in creating a unique video viewing experience, 360 videos are a definite booster when it comes to gaining momentum from the viewing audience. A 360 video is a video that is created utilizing a specialized camera system that will record all 360 degrees of a scene. You can get a panoramic view of every angle for a truly remarkable viewing experience.

As a viewer, you can rotate a 360 video’s perspective to be able to see from all side. A 360 view can be viewed on a computer, iOS devices and Android devices.

As part of a social media marketing tool, a 360 video can do wonders for your business.

For the varying devices, how you rotate and pan the different angles is done by either dragging on the screen with a mouse or by dragging your finger across the screen.

Now that we are seeing businesses take on the 360 video capabilities, it is well known that 360 videos result in a better engagement between viewer and business and it promotes a better message retention than with normal videos.

These types of videos leave viewers amazed and appreciative that the time was taken to make their experience much more interactive.

Viewers can choose and interact with the content they wish to see.

Creating a 360 video is not as different as one might think. The steps involved include:

Getting a 360 camera: these special cameras have lenses that cover all of the angles around the camera.

Record in 360 mode: be mindful that you will now be recording every single image around you and the camera. Gone are the days where you need props and different camera equipment.

Preview the video: you can only view the footage in 360 mode with specific software or a social media network. A 360 camera will come with its own app for previewing so that you can see the final result.

Edit if necessary: you might want to add titles and buttons, adjust the color, add background music or merge clips together. Most editing software can do this.

The last step is to upload your video.

In simple terms, a 360 video allows you to showcase a product or event, share experiences, promote destinations, create music videos and immersive television and produce a short video.

If this is an experience you’d like to give your business audience, contact Omni Media Productions today at 1.800.561.OMNI for assistance.

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