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How To Start Planning A Webinar

Webinars offer many rewarding benefits to the host and the intended audience, as long as it is put together well. The key to a great webinar is the prep work that begins weeks in advance. We find that webinars put together overnight tend to become a flop rather than a success.

Typically, you should give yourself anywhere from six to eight weeks before launching a webinar and going live. To begin planning, make checklists so you can visually see what needs to be done and delegate tasks to others.

8 weeks prior:

This is the thinking phase where you need to develop a topic, consider audience, choose a date and time, select speakers and delegate tasks.

6 weeks prior:

This is the creative process where ideas begin to form into a well-designed plan. Decide on how you’ll invite participants, determine if you want an entertainment value, consider the content and create an outline, create any slides, determine chat functionality, decide if you want to poll the topic, decide who will deliver introduction and discussion, prepare strategy for questions and configure audio requirements as well as technical assistance.

4 weeks prior:

Now it’s time to invite your audience. Determine if you are using media outlets, email, paper invitations, web boards and encourage participants to register if need be.

1 week prior:

Any last minute tasks to do should be done in this week. Train and prep speakers, upload and organize all presentation materials, consider delivery procedure and practice positive body language. Don’t forget to send out any reminders to anyone involved.

The day of:

Make sure all staff have their instructions, presenters should log into webinar 15 minutes before presentation, test all equipment, check roster of those who are signed in and start when ready.

As a professional webcast TV production company, we have the resources and experience to present successful webinars. Give us a call to learn more about our strategy for webinars.


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