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How to Take Care of Your Discs

Omni Media Webcasting - Duplication of DVDs and CDs - Toronto to Niagara

At Omni Media Productions, we offer a wide range of services including CD and DVD duplication. Whether you need to distribute digital media to several members of your team, or you’re simply trying to preserve some family videos, we’re here to help. Unfortunately, CDs and DVDs won’t last forever if they aren’t properly handled. While much more reliable than cassette and VHS tapes, optical media discs are still vulnerable to damage. Fortunately, they can remain in almost perfect condition as long as you follow a few general rules.

No matter what, you should always hold your discs by their outer edge. If the underside of the disc receives any scratches, or is even smudged, your media player may not be able to read some or all of the files. If you notice your disc doesn’t look completely smudge-free, it can be cleaned. Use a soft, lint-free cloth and gently rub the disc from the center, slowly wiping it until you get to the edge.

When it comes to storing your discs, they should each be kept in a separate case and stored upright. Some people have a bad habit of leaving their discs out when they’re done using them. This is an easy way to lose them, and over time dust will collect on the surface, potentially damaging the disc.

If you have a disc that has extremely important information on it, or just some videos that you don’t want to lose, you should make at least one copy. Having your important media stored across multiple discs and even mediums is always a smart idea. If you need help with optical media disc duplication, contact us today!

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