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How Video Will Be Used in the Future

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With advances in technology and new social media platforms showing up every year, there are more and more ways that videos are being used by business owners and individuals. While no one can say for sure, there are many predictions out there that talk about some of the new ways videos may be used in the future. We’re here to go over some of the most interesting video predictions.

Some people believe that one day business cards will be much more than a small piece of paper with some text on it. In fact, there are already companies out there that offer high-tech business cards that can do much more, including play a video. These business cards are essentially a small screen that can play a short video over and over again. The video could be a commercial or even just a short introduction explaining who you are and what you do.

New technology is also coming out that will change the way people watch movies, TV shows, and other traditional types of videos. One of these is Google Glass, which for people who don’t know, is essentially a pair of glasses that doubles as a computer. Using eye tracking technology, people can open up web pages, send emails, and watch videos all from their eye glasses.

While it may be a bit further out than Google Glass, some experts believe that holograms and virtual reality technology is just on the horizon. New technology will allow videos to be displayed in a 3D environment, rather than on a screen, and headsets could actually put the user right in the middle of a video. This means that commercials and movies will continue to become more and more immersive.

What do you think of these potential new uses for video? Are you excited about any of them? Let us know!

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